Engelbert Farms Certified Organic Cheese!


Made from milk from our pasture-raised, organic cows.  Processed by a certified organic cheesemaker in NY.  Each batch made by hand.  100% organic spices used!  All cheeses are made from pasteurized milk, except for the raw milk cheddars.


You can now order our organic cheese on-line to be shipped anywhere in the US!   Click here to place an order…


Organic MooVache –  Never heard of MooVache cheese? It's not surprising, since it is an Engelbert Farms original. MooVache is made the same way as Chevre, but Chevre is made with goat milk (chevre means goat in French). Because our cheese is made with cow milk, we decided to call it MooVache, which means Moo Cow!

MooVache is available in the following flavors:

Plain, Dill, Garlic Chive, Horseradish, Hot Pepper, Lemon Thyme, Cranberry and Tomato Basil


Organic Feta

Feta is a Greek soft white brined cheese with small or no holes.  It is usually formed into large blocks, which are submerged in brine. Its flavor is tangy and salty, ranging from mild to sharp.  It is typically crumbled into salads and used in recipes.  In Greece it is historically made from sheep milk.  Our Organic Feta is made from milk from our pasture-raised, organic cows.


Organic Beer-Brined Moochego –

A hard cheese with a smooth, creamy texture.   Our Beer-Brined Moochego is made with pasteurized milk from our pasture-raised organic cows, and brined in organic Brown Ale for up to 24 hours.  This forms a beautiful brown rind and gives it a distinctive flavor.   Our Beer-Brined Moochego is ready to cut at around 30 days, and will age for up to two years or more.  We’re thinking it is so good it won’t last that long!


Organic Gouda

Our organic Gouda Cheese is made with milk from our pastured dairy cows. It is a natural-rind cheese - you can eat the rind, or trim it and use in soups. Very creamy, tasty cheese that is excellent for snacking, on burgers or in recipes.

Plain, Dill and Smoked flavors of Gouda available.


Organic Cheddar

Our Organic Cheddar Cheese is made with milk from our pastured dairy cows, and is aged at least 60 days. It is smooth and creamy and melts like a dream!

Our Cheddar is also available in Sharp, Chipotle, Smoked and Tomato Basil, horseradish, and garlic flavors and now Organic Raw Milk Cheddar is available as well.


You can now order our organic cheese on-line to be shipped anywhere in the US!   Click here to place an order…

Finger Lakes Cheese Alliance


Engelbert Farms is a member of the Finger Lakes Cheese Alliance!


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Engelbert Farms, LLC is a true FAMILY FARM!

Certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers


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