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The Greenhouse Market & Cafe, Sayre PA

Jason and Jack Wheeler have turned their gluten-free bakery into a Farm to Fork restaurant!  They buy all of their ground beef from us, and occasionally buy some other products, too.  If you haven’t tried their burgers… don’t know what you’re missing!   They make fantastic breakfasts and lunches, and dinner is served every Friday night.   This is a family-owned business that cares about where their food comes from!


His Harvest 

Amie and Jesse Paulo and family have started a buying club in CT.  They offer our organic meats and cheeses to their members!  We love working with them!


911 Earth – Athens, PA

911 Earth was the first store to carry our organic products, so they have a very special place in our hearts!  They have a good selection of fresh produce, organic grocery products, natural body care products, natural pet foods, and many high-quality vitamins and herbs.  Linda and her staff are friendly, knowledgeable and always ready to help!

The store is located at: 404 N Main Street, Athens, PA  570-888-3297 (no website)


GreenStar Cooperative Market, Ithaca, NY
GreenStar Oasis, Ithaca, NY
GreenStar Collegetown, Ithaca, NY

After several years of debate, GreenStar Cooperative Market started carrying red meats in May 2007.  Engelbert Farms is proud to be the first vendor providing certified organic beef and pork to GreenStar.  To be eligible to sell red meat to GreenStar, your farm must be inspected by GreenStar staff, and must be within 40 miles from the store.

GreenStar Cooperative Market carries a full line of organic produce, dairy products, meats and general grocery items and buys from local farms whenever possible.


Jordan Farms, Warren Center, PA and Nichols, NY

Justian and Faith Jordan own and operate Jordan Farms,  a certified organic farm in Warren Center, PA, raising organic pigs, beef and chickens.  Eventually they plan to have organic berries and apples as well.   They raise and process certified organic poultry - chicken and turkey - on our farm in Nichols, NY. They have a NYS 5A Licensed Poultry Processing facility on E River Rd in Nichols NY.  The birds are raised in chicken tractors - large, wire covered enclosures that are moved to fresh grass every day in the growing season.  Their chicken (and seasonally turkey) is available in our farm store, and at the Broome County Regional Farmers Market on Upper Front Street in Binghamton, NY, Saturdays 9 - 1 year round.  They don't have a website yet, but they can be found on Facebook - Jordan Farms.


Terry's Berry Farm

Teri and Mike Bishop own and operate Terry's Berry Farm, a certified organic berry farm located on Church Street in Barton NY.  They produce certified organic strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and aronia berries, and offer both already picked at their on-farm stand, or UPick at the farm.  She makes fruit spreads from their berries, using only organic sugar and pomona's pectin.   They also produce certified organic eggs (we carry them in our farm store), and organic transplants.  Teri takes their products to the Vestal Farmers Market on Saturdays 9 - 1 in the summer months.  They don’t have a website, but they can be found on Facebook - Terry's Berry Farm.


Down to Earth Whole Foods, Endicott, NY

Down to Earth Whole Foods is locally owned and operated by Johan Bergford, and is a full-service natural food store.  They have an on-site bakery and deli, and feature delicious soups and other hot food selections.   Down to Earth offers delivery in the Triple Cities area.


Lively Run Goat Dairy

Lively Run Goat Dairy in Interlaken, NY is a family farm with four members of the Messmer family working on the farm.  They have a store on site where they sell their high-quality goat cheeses.  In 2013 Lively Run became certified to process organic cheese for us.  Their processing facility is the cleanest I’ve ever seen!  Each batch of artisan cheese is handmade in small batches, all from our high quality organic cow milk.  Lively Run will be using our organic smoked sausages on their cheese boards this summer.  It is worth making a stop to visit this farm!


Leona Meat Plant

To sell meat as “organic” it must be certified from the land it was born on right through the processing of the meat.  Every package of meat must be traceable back to the day it was born.  Until the past few years, it was difficult to find a slaughterhouse that was certified to process organic meat.

Mike Debach, co-owner of Leona Meat Plant in Troy PA had a vision in 2004.  He saw the market for organic meats opening up and decided to certify their plant to process organic meat.  They became certified to process organic meat in November 2004.

For a slaughterhouse to be certified to process organic meat, they must have a clear plan in place to prevent any co-mingling of organic and non-organic meat.  Organic meat is generally processed the first thing in the morning when all equipment is clean.  If organic meat is processed after non-organic meat, all equipment must be fully cleaned so there is no chance of co-mingling.  Pest control methods must not be used anywhere near organic meat products.


Northeast Organic Farming Association of NY (NOFA NY, Inc)

NOFA NY was formed in 1982 when a group of like-minded people got together to form an organic farming organization.  NOFA NY is one of the oldest organic farming associations in the country.  They do many educational events such as workshops on growing organic vegetables, grazing, and transitioning to organic dairy production, just to name a few.

The certification branch of NOFA NY was formed in 2001 to be in compliance with the National Organic Program standards.  NOFA NY Certified Organic, LLC currently certifies over 600 farms and processing facilities throughout the state of New York and in neighboring states.

Lisa Engelbert is the Dairy Program Administrator for NOFA NY Certified Organic, LLC.  Because it would be a conflict of interest for their farm to be certified by the agency she works for, Engelbert Farms is certified through Vermont Organic Farmers, the certification branch of NOFA VT.


Northeast Organic Farming Association of VT (NOFA VT)

NOFA VT and their certification branch, Vermont Organic Farmers, LLC, is a “sister” organization of NOFA NY.  They were formed in 1971, making them one of the oldest organic farming associations in the country.  NOFA VT has over 1100 supporting members and Vermont Organic Farmers certifies over 500 farms and processors.  They hold many educational workshops and research projects.  Their Dairy Technical Assistance program provides assistance to dairy farmers in Vermont and neighboring states.


National Organic Program


National Organic Standards Board (NOSB)

The National Organic Standards Board is an advisory board to the National Organic Program.  It is comprised of 15 volunteer members from different sectors of the organic industry.  The Board includes representatives from the following:  4 Farmer/Grower seats, 3 Environmentalist/Resource Conservationist seats, 3 Consumer/Public Interest seats,  2 Handler/Processor seats, 1 Retailer seat, 1 Scientist (toxicology, ecology or biochemistry) seat, 1 USDA Certifier seat.  The NOSB makes recommendations about substances allowed or prohibited in organic agriculture, as well as recommendations on organic standards.


NOSB members are appointed by the USDA Secretary of Agriculture to serve five-year terms.  Kevin Engelbert served on the NOSB from 2005-2010, was active on the livestock and crops subcommittees, and served as Chair of the livestock committee in 2010.


The Tioga County Tourism

The Tioga County Tourism office in Owego, NY, promotes agricultural and other activities in beautiful Tioga County, NY.


Finger Lakes Cheese Alliance

Engelbert Farms is participating in the Finger Lakes Cheese Alliance!  The cheese trail is a group of twelve farms all making artisan cheeses from their milk.  Please see our Farm Store page for more information on open house dates.


Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative

Engelbert Farms has been producing milk in the same location since 1911.  In 1981, we started farming organically, and became certified organic in 1984.  We tried unsuccessfully to find a market for our organic milk for many years.  Because there was no viable organic market, our milk was sold into the conventional milk market.

In August 2001 we joined CROPP Cooperative and started shipping milk through them to be packaged into the Organic Valley label.  Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative purchases milk regionally, and whenever possible processes and sells it regionally.   If you purchase Organic Valley milk in the northeast, especially if it is in an Organic Valley Northeast Pastures carton, you are likely purchasing some of our milk!

Please visit their website to see Organic Valley’s mission statement and their line of organic products.


Local Harvest

Local Harvest is a directory website geared towards connecting consumers with local farms.  Our farm has been listed on the Local Harvest website for several years.


Eat Wild

The Eat Wild website has tons of information about the benefits of grass-fed meats and dairy products.  There are scientific studies posted on the site showing the benefits of raising animals on pasture.

Engelbert Farms, LLC is a true FAMILY FARM!

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