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Store and Creamery Hours

Thursday: 11 to 5:30
Friday: 11 to 5:30

Saturday 10 to 3



Our new farm store and kitchen are now located in the historic Creamery building
263 W River Rd, Nichols, NY.


We offer our own farm-raised certified organic beef, pork, veal, cheese and vegetables.  We also carry products from other local farms, including eggs from pastured hens (fed 100% certified organic grains), maple syrup, raw honey, and fruit butters.


















How do we raise and feed our animals?

Dairy cows are raised on high quality grass in our organic pastures.   Our cows are never confined – they can go in and out of our freestall barn as they choose, even in winter.


Beef is raised on 100% grass during the grazing season from April through October.  Over the winter they are fed organic hay, haylage and balage, and a small amount of corn silage, which is less than 5% of their diet.   They are never fed grain.


We raise all of our own organic feed, and enough to sell to other organic farms.


Certified organic feed is non-GMO by default, because GMOs are not allowed to be used in organic farming.


Hay – dried grass, packed into bales


Haylage – high moisture grass, chopped, fermented and packed in a bunker silo


Balage – high moisture grass, baled and wrapped.  The fermented bales look like giant marshmallows!


Corn Silage – the entire corn plant chopped up, and fermented.  Some silage corn varieties grow up to 15’ tall, so there is not a lot of actual grain in the corn silage.


High Moisture Ear Corn -  the entire ear – cob and kernels, ground up.  Small amount fed to milking dairy cows as an energy source


High Moisture Shell Corn – Just the kernels, taken off the cob.   Can be fed to dairy cows, but most of ours is sold as grain.


Soybeans -  Roasted soybeans are a source of protein.   Used mainly in grain formulations to boost the protein level.   Our dairy cows may get soybean meal, depending on the protein content in their  forages.


Grain – can be any of the following:  corn, wheat, oats, spelt, rye, barley.   We raise corn, wheat and oats, and occasionally spelt.  Any of these can be fed to dairy cows, but most are sold as grain.


No chemicals are used on our land, animals or in the processing of our products!

Engelbert Farms, LLC is a true FAMILY FARM!

Certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers


Kevin and Lisa Engelbert & Family

263 W River Rd

Nichols, NY  13812

(607) 699-3775


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Our Farm Store is in the historic Creamery building at 263 W River Rd, Nichols, NY.

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