September 2011 Flood


We would like to thank all of our friends and family who have helped us with clean up, donations and support since the devastating flood in September 2011.  We would not have been able to get through this without you!


Our farm was inundated with between 8 and 12 feet of water in and around all of our buildings.  Once the water receded, we were left with ankle deep mud in, on and around everything.  Our pastures closest to the creek are covered with two feet of mud, and the western parts of both fields next to the Wappasening Creek have between four and five feet of mud covering our fences.


Why did we build a farm in the flood plain???  Well, it didn’t flood here 100 years ago when Great-Grandpa Engelbert built the farm at its current location!  Now each flood is worse than previous ones.  This isn’t something we can go through again – either financially or mentally, so we are actively looking for another farm or land out of the flood plain to move our dairy and grain operations to.  Obviously, we want to stay in Nichols if possible – our family has been here since 1911, and we love our town.  We plan to keep our current farm for young stock and beef animals, and our farm store will stay at the current location.  Until we find another farm, we will continue milking cows and grinding grain at our current location.


Our retail meat and cheese business is the only part of our business mostly unaffected by the flood.  Our farm store was ruined, but has been cleaned, disinfected and repainted, and is open for business.


Wondering how you can help?  Visit our farm store and try some of our wonderful locally produced organic meats and cheeses.  All of our organic beef, pork and veal is raised on our farm, and the cheese is made from our organic milk.  Every time you buy directly from a farmer, it benefits not only the farmer and their family, but also the local community.




The Engelbert Family



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